Our trustees

Katherine Sparkes – Katie is a corporate social responsibility consultant and has run her own business for the last 14 years. She has won numerous awards for her contribution to the global community, including the Outstanding Young Persons of the World Award in 2012 and the Point of Light Award 2015, awarded by Prime Minister, David Cameron. She is known for coming up with creative, innovative, hands-on and sustainable community projects that work on local, national and global scales. Katie empowers others to use their business success to take action and create a better world.

Shani Dhanda – Shani is an award winning international event manager, global voyager, disability campaigner and speaker. With mainstream media throwing out images of unattainable perfection, lacking any social and cultural relevance to ethnic minority communities, raising awareness around disability and diversity is Shani’s passion. Shani founded the Diversability Card, the UK’s official discount card for people with disabilities. With first-hand experience of the difficulties faced in finding accessible fashion, Shani is committed to making retail more accessible and reflective of our society.

Andrew Parks – Andrew is a Senior Analyst at Law Firm Burges Salmon LLP and having previously worked in the engineering sector, brings a range of experience in project management, operating model design and business development. Andrew enjoys forging strong relationships and working to solve problems. He is passionate about using his knowledge and skills to make a difference both in the local community and around the world.

PK Khaira-Creswell – PK is an experienced corporate director and helps deliver the Flamingo vision for a better world through creative, sustainable problem solving that has an impact and makes a lasting difference to people’s lives. PK is fundamentally an optimist and believes that we must look at the whole picture to solve problems. Empowerment is the lifeblood of all the aims of the Foundation whether that is working at a local, national or international level and PK is committed to helping the Flamingo Foundation’s reach and impact go as far as possible.

Eva Fritz – Eva has significant experience of project and program management focusing on process improvements and strategy initiatives in a global corporate environment. Throughout her career she has focused on driving results through collaboration and communication, Eva has led large and small projects ranging from tactical implementations to large scale strategic efforts. Eva is excited to be part of the Styleability team to make a difference in young peoples’ lives.


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