About Us

Styleability is a unique fashion project helping to make fashion accessible to young disabled adults – providing practical guidance on how to adapt clothing to their needs helping to inspire body confidence and self-esteem.
It responds to the frustrations and challenges experienced by young disabled adults who find it almost impossible to find comfortable clothes that suit their style, bodies and needs, impacting on both their ability to lead an independent life but also an increased risk of bullying and social exclusion.

  • Over 80% of young disabled adults we work with tell us they find it impossible to find clothes to suit their bodies and style
  • 89% of young disabled adults we work with tell us that simple adaptations to their clothes (such as replacing buttons with Velcro or zips) would make it easier for them to dress themselves and would make their clothes feel more comfortable to wear

As a result, Styleability improves self-esteem (young people feel better about their bodies and what they are wearing), increases independent living and improves inclusivity (young people are able to make independent choices about fashion and dress themselves and engage in fashion with their peers).


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