Fundraise For Us

Help us raise money to keep our vital services going!

We rely on funding from the community to support the delivery of our workshops so, whether it’s something simple like a cake sale, or more advanced like a charity auction, your support will make a world of difference to Styleability.

If you’re interested in holding a fundraising event for us, then please contact us. We’re always delighted to help you make the event a success and will try and assist with resources and advertising where possible.

Individual fundraising for us? Here’s some great ideas!

– Hold a ‘Come Dine with Me’ event with friends, charging them for entry
– Donate a couple of hours of your wages, annually
– Create a family or work ‘Swear Jar’, with all fines going to Styleability!
– Run a marathon (or half) and ask people to sponsor you for finishing the race
– Lose some weight and get sponsored… Pounds for Pounds!
– Sell some of your unused items on eBay and donate the proceeds to us.

Ideas for fundraising at work

Workplace fundraisers can be fab for team building and morale, as well as an opportunity for you to show the outside world your softer side. Don’t forget to match your employee’s funds with company funds!

– Hold a dress-up day, casual day or superhero theme
– Arrange a charity auction of goods and services
– Organise a Golf day, inviting staff, clients and customers
– Hold a lunchtime or after-work pub quiz with your workmates, make it a party with food, drink and interval games!
– Have a work team enrol in a sponsored event, such as a run or swim
– Invite Styleability to come and hold a talk to your employees
– Encourage payroll giving to Styleability

How about schools? Here’s a few great ideas!

– Hold a dress-up, casual or superhero day for students
– Organise a school play or sporting event in support of Styleability
– Donate proceeds from a school prom to Styleability
– Invite Styleability to come and give a talk to your students


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