Our Impact

Since the project first launched we have:

  • Delivered 28 programmes throughout the UK from London to Pontypool
  • Engaged with over 400 young disabled adults
  • Engaged with over 84 teachers and LSAs
  • Worked with five universities to engage students from Fashion & Textile courses as volunteers

We are having postive impact on the young people we work with, their families and the wider fashion industry:

Impact on young disabled adults: as a direct result of our sessions young people have felt more independent, happy and confident to make decisions about the clothing they wear. Joanne Payne, Transitions Coordinator, New Fosseway School, Bristol “the session encouraged independent thinking – it led to some of our young people having conversations about access into the world of fashion; asking where shops were located and asking about costs of items”.

Impact on parents and carers: if you have a disability visiting shops can be overwhelming with accessibility issues and sensory overload. Our sessions help parents and carers to understand their child’s clothing choices and sense of style to plan ahead for shopping trips. We also share tips with parents and carers on how they can adapt clothes they find on the high street easily and affordably, helping to overcome some of the barriers to both the shopping experience and availability of options.

Impact on fashion industry: our advocacy work with retailers has inspired a major shopping centre to create a strategy to enable young disabled adults to shop safely – with disability awareness training for all staff and the establishment of austism help points.

Styleability Impact Report


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