Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision
We believe in a society where every young person – regardless of their background or needs – believes in themselves, their abilities and is supported to achieve their full potential. Fashion has a huge role to play in this – it signifies how people define themselves and influence others. Fashion should be accessible to all and we strive to influence the fashion industry to ensure better disability representation and inclusivity – from the clothes themselves to accessible shopping environments.

Our Mission
To create scalable social change through adaptive fashion: promoting independence, body confidence and improved self-esteem for young disabled adults.

For young disabled adults, we aim to:

  • Provide a fun, creative programme enabling young disabled adults to develop and express their own sense of style with confidence;
  • Support the development of independent living skills including decision making, communication and personal care;
  • Improve wellbeing through access to comfortable and appropriate clothing allowing them to maintain dignity in the clothes they wear; and
  • Reduce bullying and social exclusion.

For parents and carers, we aim to:

  • Provide an enriching programme which teaches new skills for adapting clothing for their child’s needs; and
  • Create a supportive community which shares tips and advice for adapting clothing.

For society, we aim to:

  • Engage the next generation of fashion designers through volunteering opportunities to improve disability awareness; and
  • Advocate high street retailers, shopping centres and the fashion industry to make fashion accessible right across the spectrum – from the clothes themselves to accessible shopping environments – looking at both physical and mental needs.

Our Values
Our values define the way we work and everything we do:

  • Inclusive – our programme is open to all, whatever their disability.
  • Positive – we believe in and support every young person we work with.
  • Responsive – we listen and learn – each programme is unique to the individuals participating.
  • Stylish and modern – always on trend and always challenging ourselves to be forward thinking.
  • Innovative and creative – to always think differently and be creative!


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