A volunteer’s take on Styleability

Molly, a Styleability volunteer, tells us about her experience of volunteering at Styleability workshops

“Young disabled people have the same needs as any young person growing up. They enjoy experimenting with different fabrics, materials, colours and styles. Styleability is such a unique project, giving young disabled people new and exciting opportunities, which is why I was enthusiastic about getting involved. I have a keen interest in fashion and have always enjoyed working with young people, Styleability seemed to be the perfect opportunity for me.

My first experience of Styleability was an inspirational conversation with Rosa, the project coordinator. Speaking with Rosa, I felt at ease and motivated to get started. I was told everything about the Styleability workshops, including the layout of the sessions, who I would be working with and what to expect, I had nothing to worry about.

On arrival at my first session, I met with Sam at the school. After a brief introduction we got started with the workshop. With Sam leading the workshop in an encouraging and cheerful manner, the group were excited to get involved. My job was to assist Sam in her lead to inspire the students to create a collage of their favourite fashion pieces out of a variety of magazines. I was able to have one to one conversations with each individual about what they preferred to wear and why they liked it. I loved hearing all their different stories, thoughts and opinions about fashion. My favourite part of the session was towards the end, when Sam showed the group the clothing she had bought along to give them ideas about what they can wear. The group were suddenly re-inspired, they loved touching the fabrics and trying on the clothes.

Having now participated in a variety of Styleability workshops, I have been motivated to continue more and more throughout every session. I enjoy the engagement with every young individual and learning about what inspires their fashion, they are always so passionate and unique in their thoughts. These young people don’t often have the chance to experiment with fashion like other teenagers do. I am thrilled that I can be a part of such a wonderful organisation giving these brilliant opportunities to young disabled people.

Taking part in the workshops has very much built my confidence and given me a different outlook on those who are disabled. I would very much encourage anyone and everyone to take part in such a rewarding and inspiring project.”


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